October Twilight

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Fonts 4 u  27.10.2016
Gosh love it!!!😍😍
Misti's Fonts  Autor von October Twilight   02.11.2016
@Fonts 4 u awww thanks! :D
TWCfonts  11.11.2016
In your example there is a outline around the words used. How do you make that happen?
Misti's Fonts  Autor von October Twilight   11.11.2016
@TWCfonts I used Photoshop to add the stroke and outer glow around the letters.
joannaruthblain  15.11.2016
When I download the font and use it in word, the top and bottom of letters are cut off? How do I stop this?
Misti's Fonts  Autor von October Twilight   16.11.2016
@joannaruthblain If you print it or save the the document as an image, then I believe it won't be cut off. It just appears cut in the document. I hope this helps!
jess_junk  26.09.2017
When I type my words they don't connect together like in the example am I doing something wrong?
Misti's Fonts  Autor von October Twilight   28.09.2017
@jess_junk it sounds like you have your spacing set far apart. What program are you using?
Rochart  10.07.2018
Nice font. Are you use fontlab program?
Misti's Fonts  Autor von October Twilight   23.07.2018
@Rochart Yes, I use FontLab
emmylou30  29.08.2018
I am trying to purchase the commercial licence for this one but it appears to be a broken link? Thanks!

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