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annaOMline  08.01.2009
Amazing handmade look vintage font! thanks for sharing this stylish font
creoloko  20.01.2009
this is one of the coolest fonts ive ever seen here in dafont! i absolutly luv it! great job!
kirksucks  21.01.2009
nice one! its like a punk rawk burbon st.
Globetrotoys  01.07.2010
Bonjour, je souhaiterai me servir de cette typo dans un but commercial. Puis je savoir combien cela coûte et à qui dois je m'adresser?

Cordialement.  04.02.2011
where can i buy this font. we would need it for commercial use. Please Help - Thanks a lot
vbagley  14.01.2012
Hello? Trying to get in touch with the font creator! Have sent 2 emails to gmail and left a comment on the blog, trying here! I would love to use this font in some premade banners to try to sell for shop owners. What would you charge for this? Please advise! I might be able to pay a one time fee or pay per banner sold. I really don't want to find another font as this one is perfect! But, cannot seem to reach the font creator.
laskonis  08.04.2013
Has anyone heard from this designer? I would like to purchase this font. thank you.
myraa  27.04.2013
very talented
satomi  09.01.2014
I like this font very much.
I want to use it for commercial use.
where can i buy this font.
Thank you.
Would love to use this font for a bespoke design gifts I create to sell for Christmas at local fairs. please email me at Thank you

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