Modius 'Frigid'

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jakass  16.07.2008
el quatini  19.11.2008
very nice
Dernhelm  29.01.2009
Thanks for your time and energy in creating this superb, readable and thorough font (all the characters are here, which is important if you're a "non-Anglo-Saxon person";-). I find it extremely well done, thanks again!
mystiquemaker  17.04.2009
Hi, I really like this font, and I want to download it. How do I do that? So I put the font onto my computer. But now what do I do so that I can use the font?
mrjph331  24.04.2009
It sort of looks like a cross between flames and icicles.
kollin123  28.04.2009
age_reds  10.11.2009

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