Hug Me Tight

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Heartwarming  23.01.2021
It does not let yoj get it sometjmes
gavscherie  07.02.2021
for y’all fanpages downloading this font follow my tt benjisfont
yorkcgd  12.03.2021
BAHAH 2 commentz this took so long to login 😩 anyway follow my tt funkiemelios
...comfy..riley  21.03.2021
Follow my tt ...comfy..riley it’s a fp of charli and riley
...comfy..riley  21.03.2021
Why can’t I download it ugh
Yaire alvarez  22.03.2021
Same it won’t let me download follow my tt it is ocean.Zoe.charli
Amelia Hossler  28.03.2021
It won't let me download! My tt: dreamyxhossler
dunkies  12.04.2021
yayy it downloaded, my tiktok is @dnkiescafes
charlidabeast  13.04.2021
It’s not downloading ugh
Harry Brett  18.04.2021
It’s not working and I’ve logged in
Dunkiess  29.04.2021
Hii follow my tt jqmess
charil  01.05.2021
stfu stop self promoting your shitty fanpages
MirrenOliver  03.05.2021
Its nog downloading also tt : avanixgreggxedits . Its an avani greggs and quinton griggs fp
blxssmelio  20.05.2021
Hi i really like this font btw follow my tt acc- .blxssmelio
moanacrs  17.06.2021
Since it's summer ima use this ig lol
charlxzvq_  04.07.2021
I can’t Download! Any tips? Btw follow on tt charlxzvq_
Xniksx  07.08.2021
Nie da się pobrać a tak btw mój tt vinkledunkins
Xniksx  17.08.2021
Marshmallows  15.09.2021
It won’t load for me in pixlr, i already unzip the file. When i added the font, it just doesn’t show up. Can anybody help?
Yourlocalhuman  15.11.2021
I have a question. Could I use this font for advertising my small business in a TikTok video. Please get back to me soon! Btw check out my tt @f1dgetsnfun
Ventchrlzs  31.12.2021
Follow my tt: Ventchrlzs it's a Charli fan page
dinkiescr  05.01.2022
follow .dogsmelios on tt <3
cherryaddison  08.01.2022
go follow me on tt! @cherryaddison  18.01.2022
omg!!! 😩😩 this took so long to make an account!!! everyone is promoting their acc so mine is -
lovinqliv  26.02.2022
I love this font! I am a fanpage my self and personally this really helps me edit and post my videos! It takes me around 2 to 3 minutes to edit my video using font and post it using my long caption! Super easy to use! Whilst using @turtleaddison's colouring this is her main font! It works amazing and really helps boast my fans and oppoertunitys i was so shocked with my followers and likes and views when i accutually used this as my main font!

Thank you to the creator!
big love!
MetaMattressMike  05.03.2022
What a great font! I absolutely love it. This is great
Sehhh  26.03.2022
Follow my tiktok! glraffemelio! I'm very close to 3k!! 💕
ale_wgf__  15.05.2022
He doesn’t work
awedcnks  15.06.2022
follow me on tiktok @awedcnks 💟💟
glowi!!  14.01.2024
SHUT UR BITCH ASS UP WITH THE “follow me on tiktok bc i’m so kawaii :3”
glowi!!  14.01.2024

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