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Heartwarming  23/01/2021
It does not let yoj get it sometjmes
gavscherie  07/02/2021
for yíall fanpages downloading this font follow my tt benjisfont
yorkcgd  12/03/2021
BAHAH 2 commentz this took so long to login 😩 anyway follow my tt funkiemelios
...comfy..riley  21/03/2021
Follow my tt ...comfy..riley itís a fp of charli and riley
...comfy..riley  21/03/2021
Why canít I download it ugh
Yaire alvarez  22/03/2021
Same it wonít let me download follow my tt it is ocean.Zoe.charli
Amelia Hossler  28/03/2021
It won't let me download! My tt: dreamyxhossler
dunkies  12/04/2021
yayy it downloaded, my tiktok is @dnkiescafes
charlidabeast  13/04/2021
Itís not downloading ugh
Harry Brett  18/04/2021
Itís not working and Iíve logged in
Dunkiess  29/04/2021
Hii follow my tt jqmess
charil  01/05/2021
stfu stop self promoting your shitty fanpages
MirrenOliver  03/05/2021
Its nog downloading also tt : avanixgreggxedits . Its an avani greggs and quinton griggs fp
blxssmelio  20/05/2021
Hi i really like this font btw follow my tt acc- .blxssmelio
moanacrs  17/06/2021
Since it's summer ima use this ig lol
charlxzvq_  04/07/2021
I canít Download! Any tips? Btw follow on tt charlxzvq_
Xniksx  07/08/2021
Nie da się pobrać a tak btw můj tt vinkledunkins
Xniksx  17/08/2021
Marshmallows  15/09/2021
It wonít load for me in pixlr, i already unzip the file. When i added the font, it just doesnít show up. Can anybody help?
Yourlocalhuman  15/11/2021
I have a question. Could I use this font for advertising my small business in a TikTok video. Please get back to me soon! Btw check out my tt @f1dgetsnfun
Ventchrlzs  31/12/2021
Follow my tt: Ventchrlzs it's a Charli fan page
dinkiescr  05/01/2022
follow .dogsmelios on tt <3
cherryaddison  08/01/2022
go follow me on tt! @cherryaddison  18/01/2022
omg!!! 😩😩 this took so long to make an account!!! everyone is promoting their acc so mine is -
lovinqliv  26/02/2022
I love this font! I am a fanpage my self and personally this really helps me edit and post my videos! It takes me around 2 to 3 minutes to edit my video using font and post it using my long caption! Super easy to use! Whilst using @turtleaddison's colouring this is her main font! It works amazing and really helps boast my fans and oppoertunitys i was so shocked with my followers and likes and views when i accutually used this as my main font!

Thank you to the creator!
big love!
MetaMattressMike  05/03/2022
What a great font! I absolutely love it. This is great
Sehhh  26/03/2022
Follow my tiktok! glraffemelio! I'm very close to 3k!! 💕
ale_wgf__  15/05/2022
He doesnít work
awedcnks  15/06/2022
follow me on tiktok @awedcnks 💟💟
glowi!!  14/01/2024
SHUT UR BITCH ASS UP WITH THE ďfollow me on tiktok bc iím so kawaii :3Ē
glowi!!  14/01/2024

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