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SuperGirl12  12.06.2012
jaguars4782  Autor von Cityscape   13.06.2012
Thanks :D
cameron_20  20.09.2012
how much is it for commercial use to use this font as the name and logo of an application?
cameron_20  22.09.2012
how much is it for commercial use to use this font as the name and logo of an application?
cedcr  20.11.2012
can I use this for commercial use?? great font!
thehighsleybros  23.05.2013
How can I obtain this font for commercial use?
eudeline paul  25.08.2013
Hi I use it for etudient art project with 30 other police, if you want to know more, thank for it !
Exil  07.06.2014
Hi. Really nice font :) I would like to use it for a flyer and advertising poster. Is it possible for free?
StarGrabber  06.10.2014
Hi Edward,

Will be downloading to use your awesome fonts for a Logo creation.

hope thats ok with you

Samantha5  12.11.2014

How much for commercial use? -Samantha
casidyn_  05.01.2015
You said to let you know if I'm gonna use it for commercial use, and I may in the future; should I ever vlog, it may be in the background as a quote on my wall. Let me know if you have any problems with that.
leggomymeggo  28.01.2015
I would like to use this font for a Facebook banner design for Clockwork Muzik Group. Please let me know how to pay for licensing !
fergy1327  07.03.2015
how much for commercial use my man?? let me know
Kishen  15.03.2015
Opinion... Please do a letter, either M or K for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (The capital of Malaysia). It's twin towers are breathtaking...:)
Example picture is here: (You can always search in google...

Your help will be truly, truly appreciated.
Narciso Vassoa  29.04.2015
Hi , I love this font. But when I download it. I cant install it, nothing apears.
jaguars4782  Autor von Cityscape   30.06.2015
I am sorry if the font doesn't work, I have been able to successfully download and use it many times, it only works if u are using capital letters. If it still doesn't work I would recommend searching for a solution on Google. Thanks for all the feedback everyone :D
ivan21i  26.09.2015
Great font..bravo. Is it possible to use for commercial use?
Shall I just donate? Thanks again for the great work
Dick Trickle  20.10.2015
catherinefields  13.11.2015
Hello! I would to like this font on t-shirts for a community building project in Baltimore. Please let me know if there is a fee we should pay before use!
michellesosa33  26.12.2015
I like this font. Is it possible to use for commercial use? Should I just donate to you for commercial use?
jaguars4782  Autor von Cityscape   24.02.2016
Anyone who would like to use this font for commercial use, feel free to send me a donation. 5, 10, 20 bucks is fine with me. Thanks for all the Positive feed back everyone I never thought this font would be so popular :D
mslemons  28.02.2016
Can I use this in edits? Like edits on photos? I post these edits on instagram. Is it okay, do I have to pay for licensing?
susanX5  10.04.2016
I love you font. Check you private mesange
pallagommosa  07.05.2016
Can I use it for a university project? Thanks in advance, awesome work ;)
miriamruthross  28.06.2016
Just wanted to let you know we used it for the titles here (non-commerical). Thanks so much
Chelsea96  18.07.2016
Does this font possible exist but smaller? Like the letters are thinner? It's really good though. Just wanted to use it on my page where I post facts about band members but it won't look good if it's big/fat font. But the design is literally SO amazing
Aria Beauty  30.07.2016
Il n'y a que la premiere lettre dans cette ecriture !
jaguars4782  Autor von Cityscape   25.08.2016
Sorry it takes me so long to respond I just don't check this site very often. I don't have a thinner version of this font. Anyone who wants to use this for YouTube or school projects feel free to do so!
upsman262001  09.03.2018
I love this Font!!! Would love to use it for commercial use so I am going to donate right now per your request...
You rock!!!
opalstones  19.10.2018
I think I may use this font for some gifts I am personalise. I will be making a donation shortly - but was wondering if you would a name check too?
berrylizzi  30.08.2020
Would love to use this font for commercial use ! please check your private message ! :)
Nice font! But you need to add lowercases and add symbols such as: . , ? # ! % @ * & : ; $ ( ) + - =

If you do that then i will love this font forever and i will download this font. So please add.

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