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gymkats  01.05.2010
Maffy  01.11.2010
You mean Bubble Buddy from SpongeBob :)
kmzero  Autor von Bubbleboddy   15.11.2010
No, this name is pure invention, if you search Bubbleboddy on google, you can find only our font! :)
MiiaLovesYoux3  21.03.2017
I like this font a lot, thanka for creating this, the other comments are from 2010? wow I'm very late ;-;
MindVisionGraphics  08.06.2019
This font installs as Arista 2.0. Very hard to find since its not the same name as the font.
63katinka  02.04.2021
This says free for personal use but when I download it only will download as a trial and the letters are broken up into pieces. Pretty dissapointed

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