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14/09/2017 a las 23:15  [respuesta]  The "SONIC" part font request

Please avoid reviving old threads if you're not sure about the answer.

14/09/2017 a las 23:01  [respuesta]  ?

If you can't find a better one, don't enlarge it like 10 times !
Just send the small one, but don't try to make it big, it looks like sh*t.

(it seems that finally you found a better version)

14/09/2017 a las 22:55  [respuesta]  Reticula Logo Font?

14/09/2017 a las 09:27  [respuesta]  ?

The "off-line" image ?
As specified on a red background when you start an identification request, zoomed (enlarged) images and/or crappy JPGs will be deleted.

14/09/2017 a las 07:45  [respuesta]  please help me, what the font is?

Fuente identificada: Balloon

14/09/2017 a las 04:44  [respuesta]  Claro Font

why are you reviving 5-year-old threads if you're not sure about the answer ?

14/09/2017 a las 04:35  [respuesta]  AMERICAN MUSCLE LOGO

Too many diffrent letters to be Univers 93 (A, M, E, R,...)

That's weird, the M of "Muscle" is different from the one of "American"

14/09/2017 a las 03:41  [respuesta]  Shakira.?

Lancon is right.
And in this case, to add 13 other characters to your original sample.

14/09/2017 a las 02:51  [respuesta]  Dominos Pizza

14/09/2017 a las 02:35  [respuesta]  What font is this?

different weights of Futura

Fuente identificada: Futura

14/09/2017 a las 01:05  [respuesta]  MOST wanted - What font is this

easier with a right click then "inspect element"... nothing to install, no website to visit !

13/09/2017 a las 07:24  [respuesta]  ROG ? ? ?

Fuente sugerida: Impact

13/09/2017 a las 05:54  [respuesta]  WHAT FONT IS THIS ?

Fuente identificada: Badaboom BB

Fuente sugerida: Allstar

Trying to make lines match...

13/09/2017 a las 05:12  [respuesta]  what is the react gaming font?

M, #, 2

13/09/2017 a las 03:11  [respuesta]  Need for Speed Hot Pursuit caption font

Fuente identificada: Handel Gothic

13/09/2017 a las 02:40  [respuesta]  ELIS

Fuente identificada: Gotham Ultra

13/09/2017 a las 02:25  [respuesta]  #CaryOn

Fuente identificada: Lucida Calligraphy Italic

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