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08/12/2016 à 16:43  [réponse]  LG Display Logo

Wherever you may find the TTf file, you shouldn't be using it.

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08/12/2016 à 16:42  [réponse]  LG Display Logo

If you're talking about this one :
That's also a corporate font made for LG, as written in the headlin : "CORPORATE TYPEFACE FOR LG: LIFE'S GOOD"

Total Identity developed an integral font family called ‘LG smart’, appropriate for all communication, information, documentation, on-and offline, including interface design. (...) The LG Smart is a unique corporate font that works excellent with the geometrical logo and the bold font.

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08/12/2016 à 16:29  [réponse]  LG Display Logo

That's an exclusive font :

Using LG Display's exclusive font to display a business unit, business site or lower level organization of a specific company is the violation of the rule.

Source :

Police identifiée : LG Display

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08/12/2016 à 14:37  [réponse]  Quelle est cette police ?

Pas d'quoi

08/12/2016 à 14:13  [réponse]  Quelle est cette police ?

probablement graissée à la main

Police suggérée : Blur Light

08/12/2016 à 12:41  [réponse]  LEE FOSS ...

You'll probably find this awful thing somewhere on this nice website :

yeah i know, but i was talking about the post Menhir quoted

05/12/2016 à 14:48  [réponse]  Font used for plasma cutting

it's still what i would call "cut outs"

Menhir, his post is 5 months old.

05/12/2016 à 10:30  [réponse]  Font used for plasma cutting

u trolling ?

01/12/2016 à 10:55  [réponse]  quelle est cette police SVP ?

Celle-ci s'appelle Euskara Classic et elle n'est apparemment disponible qu'en pack
Le U provient certainement d'une autre police.

(réponse volée à rodolphe)

Police suggérée : Euskara Classic

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01/12/2016 à 10:18  [réponse]  Elven Font

I'm not sure to understand that anti-hacker thing... but the font will be installed if you follow the instructions Menhir gave you.

30/11/2016 à 11:54  [réponse]  Font Bretonne

aucune idée, mais yoooourk !

29/11/2016 à 15:52  [réponse]  Is it a font?

short : click here

28/11/2016 à 13:56  [réponse]  Kathy Rain Font

probably already installed on your computer...

Police identifiée : Impact

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27/11/2016 à 10:32  [réponse]  not given the option to install

THE youtube video ?

27/11/2016 à 10:30  [réponse]  More of an effect query ...

26/11/2016 à 23:39  [réponse]  More of an effect query ...

Just think a bit more :
Enlarge the canvas (Image > Canvas size), then reposition the image to make it match with what's on your mind (taking into consideration that the circle will be centered)
Once it's done, just crop the image according to your needs.

26/11/2016 à 20:47  [réponse]  What's font?

25/11/2016 à 12:37  [réponse]  Retrouver toutes les polices

Certain que tu n'as pas besoin de tout ça.
Et certain que tu peux faire un effort quant à la qualité de ton image.

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