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23/08/2014 à 15:46  [réponse]  How long?

Jaynz a dit  (voir le post)
most countries have the good sense to be embarrassed by their idiots and assholes. Americans make them into television programming...

That's perfect to control the next generations

22/08/2014 à 16:48  [réponse]  WHAT THIS FONT???

22/08/2014 à 16:15  [réponse]  This font please :)

ton "adresse paypal", c'est l'adresse email avec laquelle tu t'es inscrit sur paypal, ni plus ni moins.

22/08/2014 à 10:20  [réponse]  please help find font PURE Vip

Arial Black and Arial

Police identifiée : Arial

22/08/2014 à 09:46  [réponse]  How long?

wow ! O_o
I'm happy we don't have this booboo stuff on french tv, but we still got shitloads of american crappy tv reality shows on cheap quality channels.
Like guys cutting trees, guys driving trucks in the fucking nowhere, guys hunting gators,...
Not real documentaries, just shows about dumbfucks doing shitty stuff, that could seem to be documentaries if you're dumb enough to believe it.

Seems next generations will become really stupid.

21/08/2014 à 16:21  [réponse]  what font is this?

font-family: 'Miller Headline',Georgia,serif;
font-size: 16px;

Police identifiée : Miller Headline

21/08/2014 à 15:04  [réponse]  Nothings working

what's you're real question ?
please make an effort and use precise words, as if you were expecting an answer.

21/08/2014 à 09:56  [réponse]  crks font

20/08/2014 à 16:35  [réponse]  What fonts is?

Police identifiée : Futura Medium Condensed

20/08/2014 à 16:01  [réponse]  All 3 Fonts Needed

a bit similar

Police suggérée : Green Fuz

Police identifiée : Algerian

20/08/2014 à 15:55  [réponse]  All 3 Fonts Needed

Police suggérée : Futura Condensed ExtraBlack

20/08/2014 à 15:14  [réponse]  Disney Channel

Foro fuente
no foro Disney !

Entiende ?

20/08/2014 à 14:58  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

better yeah

20/08/2014 à 14:14  [réponse]  Disney Channel

i'm shouting, because talking quietly seems ununderstandable.
btw, i don't speak spanish at all except for ordering a beer, so is my "entiende" spanish ?

20/08/2014 à 12:58  [réponse]  Disney Channel



20/08/2014 à 12:13  [réponse]  Disney Channel

You're not on a link dump site, sorry sweetie...

20/08/2014 à 10:16  [réponse]  How long?

5 weeks per year is not enough, i'm thinking about going on strike...

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