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14/11/2014 à 17:28  [réponse]  Font name?

14/11/2014 à 16:19  [réponse]  font, please

Police identifiée : Komika Axis

14/11/2014 à 16:01  [réponse]  What font?

Heron2001 a dit  
This could be someone's idea of Avant Garde...

14/11/2014 à 14:08  [réponse]  What font?

i don't know, but something looks wrong

14/11/2014 à 13:32  [réponse]  DAILY DRIVEN FONT!

Police identifiée : Harabara


Police suggérée : Futura ExtraBlack

12/11/2014 à 11:05  [réponse]  Chiffres sans courbes

koeiekat a dit  
Wat bedoel je?

i'm pretty sure my english's wrong, but he wants "straight-line figures", no "curved-line figures"

07/11/2014 à 15:39  [réponse]  Candlescript "error found" message

06/11/2014 à 18:00  [réponse]  demande de font svp

pas d'quoi

06/11/2014 à 16:49  [réponse]  Motocross font

06/11/2014 à 09:49  [réponse]  demande de font svp

Police identifiée : Giddyup

05/11/2014 à 13:10  [réponse]  Idea for DaFont: Font Paragraph View

metaphasebrothel a dit  
But custom paragraph text display does not benefit DaFont, nor the authors showcased here; it only benefits a user, who wants us to invest resources to save him time.

Yeah, that's called a service.

Rodolphe could just have given the ftp credentials to browse fonts on the server.
He didn't do that, he created a website around the truetype files to make users life easier.

05/11/2014 à 09:42  [réponse]  Help! Changing forum name please?

metaphasebrothel a dit  
I think Aquaflame is an erectile dysfunction medication sold in some US states, so the forum nick makes chicks think he can't get it up. Or something else.

05/11/2014 à 09:41  [réponse]  Idea for DaFont: Font Paragraph View

metaphasebrothel a dit  
Or, since all of the fonts are free to download, you could just download and install them, and do that in a text document yourself. Type the text, name and save it, then change the font and point size. Le voila.

Et voilà
What you're telling him to do is not really handy, wastes a lot of time, a lot of bandwidth,...

04/11/2014 à 16:54  [réponse]  what font is this?

Police identifiée : Sweet Leaf

04/11/2014 à 14:57  [réponse]  Help Please!!

gimp, photoshop, illustrator, paint,...

04/11/2014 à 10:48  [réponse]  Idea for DaFont: Font Paragraph View

oh ok.
i thought it was your first request, then your second request was the paragraph thing.

04/11/2014 à 10:19  [réponse]  Idea for DaFont: Font Paragraph View

Zeror a dit  
You can set up your own text to search for the right font. That's very handy.
What do you think?

Got the paragraph thing, but i don't understand what you're talking about here.

04/11/2014 à 09:33  [réponse]  Help! Changing forum name please?

want to change that Aquaflame nick ?

02/11/2014 à 14:33  [réponse]  MELANIE MARTINEZ FONT

Police identifiée : Gotham Bold

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