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17/06/2016 à 09:51  [réponse]  Fonts that Denote Strength

17/06/2016 à 09:48  [réponse]  cherche police

16/06/2016 à 12:46  [réponse]  text of the image in corel draw

Don't know Corel Draw

With Photoshop : Forget the Menhir explanation you don't need to select anything.
Just type your text in white, and chose the 'Difference' blending mode for yout text layer.
Whatever you'll type, wherever you'll move the text, it will work, without having to select anything or making it negative

Difference : Looks at the color information in each channel and subtracts either the blend color from the base color or the base color from the blend color, depending on which has the greater brightness value. Blending with white inverts the base color values; blending with black produces no change.

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16/06/2016 à 01:22  [réponse]  Why can't I download fonts?

Downloads are working fine.
Your problem is probably computer / user related.

Take a deep breath : Nobody reads the title of the font identification topics.
Feeling better ?

12/06/2016 à 13:30  [réponse]  How to update a version of my font?

"Note of the author" on the Update page was especially made for that kind of request.

27/05/2016 à 14:56  [réponse]  Font Identification

weirdly modified

Police suggérée : Trajan

26/05/2016 à 18:49  [réponse]  Bad Font

not sure it answers marie's question

26/05/2016 à 14:06  [réponse]  Recherche du nom d'une Typographie

Tu fais comme tout le monde, tu crées un nouveau sujet dans le forum d'identification de polices :

24/05/2016 à 14:11  [réponse]  Kenji girac

Probablement pas une police :

19/05/2016 à 18:04  [réponse]  Umbigos

19/05/2016 à 16:45  [réponse]  Please Help me with this font

Police identifiée : Miso Bold

19/05/2016 à 16:39  [réponse]  Font Name

Police identifiée : Olympic Branding

this one should do.

Police identifiée : 28 Days Later

17/05/2016 à 00:22  [réponse]  What is that font ?

Police identifiée : Arial

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11/05/2016 à 18:16  [réponse]  Glitch in Font

yes :
Try to contact Dieter Schumacher, or use the 9 and flip it

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t'as relancé ta bécane ? Ça mange pas de pain, et ça peut régler ton problème.

22/04/2016 à 11:12  [réponse]  Why has a curl appeared between s&t

yeah probably. You should search on the InDesign manual.

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