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14/02/2015 a las 19:44  [respuesta]  NEED THIS FONT IN MY LIFE

based on Brutal Truth logo

Fuente identificada: Brutal Tooth

13/02/2015 a las 15:22  [respuesta]  Super MB cap

good luck, i can't help

13/02/2015 a las 10:32  [respuesta]  What is the SEMIS font

Fuente sugerida: Simpsonfont

13/02/2015 a las 09:19  [respuesta]  Uninstalling a font?

Why can't you stop calling this site Dant ?
Anyway, simply click on the contact link in the footer, and contact the "no one guy"

12/02/2015 a las 22:47  [respuesta]  Uninstalling a font?

i don't think you understand what you're doing.

i'm not in your brain... but these are two different things :
- REMOVE FROM DAFONT a font that's already been UPLOADED on
- UNINSTALL FROM A COMPUTER a font that's already been INSTALLED on a computer.

Brian, what makes you say that it's run by no one ?!
did you try to contact the person who runs it ? i don't think so...

btw, by putting your email address on a pblic website, you'll get a lot of spam

12/02/2015 a las 21:31  [respuesta]  Will Smith - Lost and Found logo

Fuente identificada: Base 02

Fuente identificada: Clarendon

12/02/2015 a las 14:10  [respuesta]  Font request for a tattoo :x

metaphasebrothel ha dicho  
Ummmm.... do you think you two boys could flirt with each other by private message instead?

hey bob why did you wrote that ?!

you don't need the outline, just ask the tatto artist to add one to the font you chose.
If he can't do that by himself, run away and find another guy.

12/02/2015 a las 11:51  [respuesta]  Font request for a tattoo :x

If i find a nice tattoo font, i'll add it to the selection.

Sorry, we have requests about tattoos everyday.
We can't come back on each and every request to update our replies.

12/02/2015 a las 11:29  [respuesta]  Font request for a tattoo :x

it was just a joke. use a real tattoo gun, use this "ink", and it will stay no more than 2 weeks under your skin.

btw, hope you found something interesting in the tattoo selection

12/02/2015 a las 11:19  [respuesta]  Font request for a tattoo :x

12/02/2015 a las 10:13  [respuesta]  Font request for a tattoo :x

yuyamarino ha dicho  
The tattoo is going to be the name of a girl who's (...) loyal.

I really hope she is

Tattoo selection :

05/02/2015 a las 10:29  [respuesta]  Recherche typo pour travail pro

Fuente identificada: Impact

03/02/2015 a las 17:45  [respuesta]  Zapfino font for free?

30/01/2015 a las 15:33  [respuesta]  What font is this?

it's not a racoon, it's a tanuki

24/01/2015 a las 11:46  [respuesta]  I want to remove my Uploaded font....How?

simply use the contact link in the footer of this website

23/01/2015 a las 15:52  [respuesta]  Ed Sheeran Don't Font

Hand-drawn from that:

Fuente identificada: American Typewriter

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