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26/06/2018 às 15:14  [resposta]  font please?

Fonte sugerida: Square Sans

25/06/2018 às 21:44  [post inicial]  Font used by italian tv channel NOVE

The most similar ones I could find don't have that nice curve on t's tittle.

02/03/2017 às 23:42  [resposta]  Help with font name please

Thank you a million times! Have a great day

02/03/2017 às 18:22  [post inicial]  Help with font name please

Unfortunately i need this exact font for a project. It looks similar to bubbleboy, but it's not it.

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01/03/2017 às 18:57  [resposta]  I need these two fonts.

Look very similar to Helvetica Neue Roman and Helvetica Neue Black Condensed.

Fonte sugerida: Helvetica Neue

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