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Are you looking for a free to use option?

There's a bunch of unique serifs here on dafont:

And there's always google fonts:

I put up a crappy one and have so far received zero dollars out of 10,000 downloads.

I'd imagine a good one would easily net 10X that amount

18/12/2016 às 03:52  [resposta]  Font cuts off on bottom

You could email the designer and ask him to adjust his margins and re-upload. Some programs won't render fonts properly when the margins within the design are set up incorrectly.

19/09/2015 às 00:42  [resposta]  WHAT FONT???? PLEASE!!

Jerseygirl has it dead on. The giveaway is the odd little bump near the tail of the LC 'a'!

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19/09/2015 às 00:14  [resposta]  'Arte & tear' font, please!

My search came up empty.
However, it's a really tasty logo design and would make a fine font, if it isn't one already.

17/09/2015 às 02:20  [resposta]  Help in identifying fonts? Thanks!

Looks like Microsoft Yi Baiti is a possible match for the 'HONOR SOCIETY' part.

Fonte sugerida: Yi Baiti

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Based on the nine unique lower case e's, it looks to be a nicely drawn, original art piece.

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