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24/04/2017 às 08:38  [resposta]  Font of "CIBERTEC"??

It's very similar to Brandon Text Black... But the curves on the B and R are not in.

Fonte sugerida: Brandon Text Black

06/06/2016 às 19:55  [resposta]  Add another weight to an existing font

J'avais pas vu ! C'est super, merci beaucoup !

05/06/2016 às 18:01  [resposta]  Add another weight to an existing font

Je ferai sans, c'est pas si grave que ça, mais merci quand même !

04/06/2016 às 13:34  [resposta]  Add another weight to an existing font

Thank you !

I wanted a way to tell to Dafont I'd like that the bold version to be on the results page instead of the regular weight...

But, well, it's not that important. ^^

02/06/2016 às 19:32  [post inicial]  Add another weight to an existing font

I submitted my font (Nonchalance) in light version in november 2015 and I noticed it was enjoyed so I made a medium and a bold version.

I'd like to put the whole family together but I don't know how to do. Do I have to "Submit a font" again with the three weights in the same zip file ?

Thank you a lot !

05/05/2016 às 10:11  [resposta]  Font Help!

Fonte identificada: Gotham

15/04/2016 às 12:32  [resposta]  font identifying

Fonte identificada: Papyrus

I noticed the C but not the T, shame on me !

30/03/2016 às 18:23  [resposta]  Need help.

It seems to be Caslon. I have Adobe Caslon and it's not a 100% match but I think it's close enough.
There is plenty of Caslon version...

Fonte sugerida: Caslon

Editado em 31/03/2016 às 09:51 por frd

Fonte sugerida: Futura Bold

You can search "fat face font" to find fonts like this.

There is a lot of font like this on Dafont.

Themes > Basic > Sans Serif

Fonte sugerida: TimeBurner

16/03/2016 às 14:40  [resposta]  Similar

Fonte identificada: Futura

16/03/2016 às 14:29  [resposta]  FONT?

I think it's "Eurostile Bold Extended 2" with an italic effect. I didn't find an Oblique version of Eurostile Bold Extended 2 so...

14/03/2016 às 18:36  [resposta]  i need the font of this

Futura Condensed Extra Bold

Fonte identificada: Futura

Montserrat Black for "Vuoi mica..."
Montserrat Ultra Light for "Inviaci un articolo..."

Fonte identificada: Montserrat

14/03/2016 às 18:13  [resposta]  whats the name of this font?

Fonte sugerida: Bauhaus Demi

14/03/2016 às 18:04  [resposta]  Underwood 2016 Logo font

Fonte identificada: Helvetica Neue

14/03/2016 às 17:52  [resposta]  SBB CFF switzerland train

It's hard to find with only two letters but it's pretty close to Tachyon.

Fonte sugerida: Tachyon

14/03/2016 às 10:29  [resposta]  font name pls?

I don't think this is a font.

Maybe you could ask to the creator ?

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