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08/06/2019 às 20:28  [post inicial]  west elm font

Does anyone know what this font is?

03/06/2019 às 18:39  [resposta]  gothic font


13/10/2017 às 21:05  [post inicial]  "life" font

I'm looking for the font used for the word "life", if anyone knows what it is.

29/05/2017 às 02:54  [post inicial]  script font

Hi there! Would anyone know the name of the font used for "heart" in this graphic by RavenOrlov @DeviantArt?

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10/03/2017 às 23:18  [resposta]  Logo fonts


09/03/2017 às 19:22  [post inicial]  script font

Does anyone know what the scripty/brush font is in this logo?

08/03/2017 às 20:15  [post inicial]  Logo fonts

Does anyone know what these two fonts are?

18/11/2016 às 18:59  [post inicial]  Script Font


27/09/2016 às 22:24  [resposta]  New Chipotle Chip Bag Fonts


22/09/2016 às 00:58  [post inicial]  New Chipotle Chip Bag Fonts

Does anyone have an idea what both of these fonts are?

14/08/2016 às 18:40  [post inicial]  skinny font

Thank you!

24/07/2016 às 04:34  [post inicial]  brush/sans-serif font

Mainly interested in the larger font, but I'll take the smaller font as well!

Image by concise @ TDA

25/04/2016 às 00:35  [post inicial]  gothic font

The font for smooth criminal, please! Thank you!

24/04/2016 às 19:35  [post inicial]  "fun" font

The script font please. Thanks!

24/04/2016 às 19:35  [post inicial]  "believe" distorted font


24/04/2016 às 19:34  [post inicial]  script font

Just the script font, please!

14/03/2016 às 22:53  [resposta]  Sans-serif font

Thank you!

14/03/2016 às 20:46  [resposta]  "harder"

I didn't realize the bottom part of the graphic was cut off. It's the font at the top!

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14/03/2016 às 20:11  [post inicial]  "harder"

Just looking for the font for "harder" at the bottom. Thank you!

Edit: Oops! The bottom part of the graphic got cut off. It's the same font as the title at the top. "Min Yoongi" Sorry about that!

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14/03/2016 às 20:10  [post inicial]  Sans-serif font

Hi everyone! I'm just looking for the small font for the events on the left side. ("Introduction to...")

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