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29/01/2018 às 17:54  [post inicial]  Need All Fonts

Would like to identify all fonts used, please and thank you~

23/01/2018 às 20:29  [post inicial]  Captiva Construction

Would like to know "Captiva"'s font

20/11/2017 às 16:37  [post inicial]  Need Font for "PoFolks"

Would like the font in red, thanks in advance!

10/10/2017 às 20:32  [post inicial]  Calligraphy Font?

Would like to identify this font. Thanks in advance!

27/10/2016 às 17:23  [resposta]  Looking for this font

Thank you!

27/10/2016 às 17:02  [post inicial]  Looking for this font

Please help! I know I can look for a similar font but it has to be the exact one

06/11/2015 às 23:33  [post inicial]  the logo smith

15/10/2015 às 23:44  [post inicial]  TOAST Font

Looking for this font. I've seen it before but can't put my finger on the name.

02/10/2015 às 21:55  [post inicial]  R&R Crane Service Inc.

Looking for both fonts.

21/07/2015 às 00:02  [post inicial]  Funky Lil Beach Shack

I'm looking for both fonts for "Funky Lil" and "Beach Shack"

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26/04/2015 às 23:47  [post inicial]  Boutique

Looking for a script font similar to this

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03/04/2015 às 15:38  [post inicial]  Body Beast

I'm looking for anything similar to "BEAST"

17/02/2015 às 19:43  [resposta]  Last Time I Checked Font

Edition, found on this site.

Fonte identificada: Edition

17/02/2015 às 19:42  [post inicial]  Jason Mraz's "LOVE is a Four Letter Word"

Any idea on if this is a font or not? Or any suggestions on fonts that would be close to this?

13/11/2014 às 17:05  [post inicial]  Flourish Interactive

Probably a customized font, but does anyone know what closely resembles this font? Paid or free, doesn't matter.

03/10/2014 às 20:45  [post inicial]  TAKE DOWN

Looking for the "TAKE DOWN" font. Most likely an altered variation of the type, but looking for the closest type.

03/10/2014 às 20:43  [post inicial]  Lil' Kim Hard Core 2k14

I'm looking for the font that's used for "HARD CORE" on the album cover.

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