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Found a fairly new version: Flighter by Måns Grebäck (free download for personal use - commercial use license also available).

Fonte sugerida: Flighter

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30/05/2019 às 09:08  [resposta]  SAS logo font?

Found a fairly new version: Flighter by Måns Grebäck (free download for personal use - commercial use license also available)

Fonte sugerida: Flighter

13/07/2016 às 05:39  [resposta]  FUENTE THE BATCAVE

The "A"s are different, so this is most likely hand-drawn, not a font.


15/12/2014 às 10:03  [resposta]  Columbia pictures ???

This has been asked before but IIRC no exact match to the "COLUMBIA" text has been found. Bank Gothic isn't even close.

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15/12/2014 às 10:00  [resposta]  spectre font

If you or anyone likely to see your computer screen is an epileptic, do NOT click the link to the Faux Occident site!

08/12/2014 às 03:29  [resposta]  Walking Dead Comic Font?

These panels are hand-drawn, but there are several fonts in similar styles available such as Comic Sans, Komika Hand, etc.

07/12/2014 às 06:37  [resposta]  POR FAVOR NO LA ENCUENTRO

At this small image size, the apparent rounding of corners could merely be an artifact of rasterization and/or resizing.

27/11/2014 às 05:38  [resposta]  Science Channel logo font?

There are two different styles of lettering there. If your image has more than one font, please specify which one you want identified, or if you want to know all of them.

27/11/2014 às 02:35  [resposta]  COLUMBIA LOGO FONT???

Wow, except for every letter being different between the logo and Agency FB, they're identical!

27/11/2014 às 02:28  [resposta]  Help Me Please!

Fonte identificada: MCF Tawer

27/11/2014 às 02:25  [resposta]  Help Me Please!!

Fonte identificada: MCF Trueper

Compare instances of the same letter... for example, every "E" is different. While OpenType fonts with contextual alternates can substitute glyphs for letters based on certain rules, I doubt you'll find one with at least eight different "E"s and rules that would use a different one in each location in this text. This sample is hand-drawn.

LiebeDoris is probably as close a match as you're going to find.

Actually, all of the letters are different. While it's clearly based on Goudy, it isn't the version suggested by Heron2001.

I respectfully disagree with the "not a font" assessment. Here's an example photo showing more letters:

Note especially the name of the plane on the nose - since every plane had a different name, logically the type style had to be designed before the SAS fleet reached its maximum size, so the complete alphabet had to exist first. Also, brochures and timetables from the '40s through the 1990s used the typeface extensively - a google search will bring up several examples from eBay and elsewhere. Just because a typeface design was (possibly) never cast in metal nor translated to a publicly available Postscript, Truetype, OpenType or other digital format, does not mean it's "not a font"!

16/11/2014 às 10:37  [resposta]  SAS logo font?

The Stockholm Design Lab new corporate identity for SAS was developed circa 1998, but the typeface of those SAS letters has been around since the 1940s and was used as the logotype for the complete livery "SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES SYSTEM" and many related brands (Scanair, Tromsbuss, Greenlandair/Grønlandslfly) over the decades. Someone has made a digital version of the font named "Royal Viking", and there's a sample image posted at (near the bottom).

BTW, if anyone gets a copy of the font I'd like one too!

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If it isn't simply hand-drawn, IMO there is not enough detail to tell what font was used.

13/11/2014 às 08:07  [resposta]  Traveler Font..??

Very similar to Cartel URW Extra Bold, possibly manually modified from it for additional compression.

Fonte sugerida: Cartel ExtraBold

13/11/2014 às 07:51  [resposta]  Help!!

Most likely not a font, just a custom logo. I can't even read it! SHAPT? SHITPT?

13/11/2014 às 07:40  [resposta]  Help Please?

The red text looks like Alor Narrow Condensed Bold

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