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17/03/2013 às 22:51  [resposta]  FontForge - Generate Font

No worries Koeiekat. Thanks for trying

Will hopefully send to Claude shortly.

17/03/2013 às 21:26  [resposta]  FontForge - Generate Font

What file type is best?

I always thought TT was

Koeiekat is kindly looking at the file for.

17/03/2013 às 20:48  [resposta]  FontForge - Generate Font

I can type with it not clashing in Linotype Font Explorer which is what I use as my font library.

It's InDesign and Illustrator that it clashes.


17/03/2013 às 20:38  [post inicial]  FontForge - Generate Font


I've been creating a font using FontForge.

Spent the last two days kerning the hell out of the letters.

I've generated a TrueType font and begun to use it, but there are some glitches with characters clashing.

After looking back into the FontForge file these letters are not clashing and have a good kern.

Any ideas?

15/03/2013 às 17:13  [resposta]  FontForge question.

Thanks guys! You are truly a great set of mentors.
I hope to share something with you soon

14/03/2013 às 22:40  [resposta]  FontForge question.

Great stuff! Thanks Koeiekat.
I'm getting into the swing of things now using the metrics window

14/03/2013 às 22:25  [resposta]  FontForge question.

Any tips Koeiekat?

14/03/2013 às 22:07  [resposta]  FontForge question.

Hey Claude, Thanks for the reply.

However it doesn't seem to work.

Don't worry though, I'll come back to this later.

It seems I have a huge job of kerning now



13/03/2013 às 12:43  [post inicial]  FontForge question.

I'm creating a font in FontForge (importing SVG vectors).

There will only be capitals in this font and I'm wondering before I begin kerning everything:

Is there a way of copying characters with all their settings... ie. Copy A to a.

Just copying in the Edit menu is not working.


12/03/2013 às 19:14  [resposta]  Importing EPS to FontForge

Thanks Claude!

12/03/2013 às 19:13  [resposta]  Importing EPS to FontForge

I managed to import a character as an SVG file.

Now trying to work out how to use software.

Thanks for reading.

12/03/2013 às 18:57  [post inicial]  Importing EPS to FontForge


I'm having problems importing EPS's into FontForge.

It just crashes.

Have tried saving as legacy CS4 EPS.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

03/03/2013 às 21:20  [resposta]  Help with font creation.

Great stuff! Thanks Claudeserieux!

03/03/2013 às 20:59  [resposta]  Help with font creation.

If I could find some free software, I'd do it myself. Any pointers?

03/03/2013 às 19:04  [post inicial]  Help with font creation.


I have created an alphabet using vector shapes in illustrator and would love to see this created into a file which can be used as a font.

You can view a sample here:

I'm looking for someone who has font building software and would be willing to input the shapes, kern, etc and produce a file which can be shared.

I do not wish to make any money just share my work.

Therefore I have no money to offer but am willing for us to be co-creators of the font and our names on it.

Anyone willing to help?



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