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03/02/2017 às 03:47  [resposta]  YCFU


03/02/2017 às 01:45  [post inicial]  YCFU

Sorry for the small picture. That's all I could find.
I know I've seen this font before, it's similar to "Hudson NY" font, and the Pittsburgh Pirates font logo.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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24/10/2015 às 00:12  [post inicial]  ROAR 1981 Movie Poster Font

Please help me identify the font used in the poster for the movie "Roar" 1981.
Thanks in advance

17/02/2014 às 17:03  [resposta]  Fonts Similar to Haymaker

Thank you Forest for putting in time to find a similar font. Since I had posted this thread I decided to go forth and purchase Haymaker, but I still appreciate the help.

27/11/2013 às 03:40  [post inicial]  FlatBush Zombies Zombie Vision Font

Need help identifying this font, thanks in advance.

25/11/2013 às 19:23  [resposta]  Cursive Font

Perfect, thanks

25/11/2013 às 18:28  [post inicial]  Cursive Font

Does anyone know what font this is?

25/11/2013 às 18:27  [resposta]  Rizzoli New York Font

Thank you so much

22/11/2013 às 19:31  [post inicial]  Rizzoli New York Font

Need help finding the font from the logo of the New York based printing company Rizzoli

22/11/2013 às 00:54  [resposta]  "Been Trill"

lol please don't design apparel with your brands name in that font

19/11/2013 às 02:23  [resposta]  Help please


14/11/2013 às 23:17  [post inicial]  Help please

What font is this?

11/06/2013 às 02:59  [resposta]  Stretched Font

Thank you both

02/05/2013 às 05:36  [resposta]  Champion USA font

Thank you, it's close enough.

25/04/2013 às 04:12  [resposta]  font?

Fonte sugerida: Die Nasty  (Já sugerida aqui)

20/04/2013 às 00:01  [post inicial]  Stretched Font

Anyone have any idea what font this is? Thanks in advance.

16/04/2013 às 19:55  [post inicial]  Champion USA font

What font is used to write the "hampion" portion of this logo?

Thanks in advance.

25/03/2013 às 02:01  [post inicial]  Vancouver Grizzlies Logo Font

I need help identifying the font used to write "Grizzlies"
Thanks in advance.

25/03/2013 às 02:00  [resposta]  supreme special logo - hats

Lol i second that

14/03/2013 às 00:47  [resposta]  LA Raiders Cursive Font


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