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31/10/2018 às 04:25  [post inicial]  sherose

help anyone? thanks!

01/03/2018 às 04:38  [resposta]  help pls

Fonte identificada: One Stroke Script

01/03/2018 às 03:00  [post inicial]  help pls

14/02/2017 às 14:29  [post inicial]  help again


14/02/2017 às 14:26  [resposta]  pls help

thank you!!!

30/01/2017 às 07:58  [post inicial]  pls help

thanks in advance

30/01/2017 às 07:34  [post inicial]  pls help

please dont delete. its kinda crappy but its the best copy i have. thank u

18/09/2016 às 05:34  [post inicial]  help pls on the letter B


23/11/2015 às 04:19  [resposta]  help please..

Lancon disse  

thank you!

17/10/2015 às 05:28  [post inicial]  help

font pls. TIA!

06/05/2015 às 05:37  [post inicial]  help pls

please dont delete. i know this is blurred and fuzzy. but this is the only copy i have. it is a scanned printed image. thank you.

16/03/2015 às 10:34  [resposta]  San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Fonte sugerida: Bella Rose

01/06/2014 às 11:06  [post inicial]  help please..

font for this pls? thanks!

23/05/2014 às 08:15  [post inicial]  another one

sorry for the bad quality.. TIA

12/12/2013 às 08:09  [resposta]  help

found it already. if you wanna know it's Telenovela NF (only no reflected-highlight)

Fonte sugerida: Telenovela NF

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12/12/2013 às 04:42  [post inicial]  help

AL BATRA's font please? thanks in advance

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05/11/2013 às 07:59  [resposta]  font like arial round


04/11/2013 às 05:47  [post inicial]  font like arial round

anyone knows this one? thanks!

02/10/2013 às 06:25  [resposta]  help!


30/09/2013 às 10:24  [post inicial]  help!

help with these fonts pls?
1. font for the BC inside the C (logo)
2. font fot the Chinabank

thanks in advance!

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