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Looks like Din Bold to me. Though not sure which version! (Din originates from German hand-painted road signs, so many font foundries have their own take on it)

Fonte sugerida: DIN Bold

18/09/2018 às 21:16  [resposta]  font?

Looks like Myriad Pro Semibold Italic to me!

Fonte identificada: Myriad

02/05/2016 às 02:49  [resposta]  help please

Looks like Franklin Gothic to me

Fonte sugerida: Franklin Gothic Heavy

Looks like Futura to me.

Fonte identificada: Futura ExtraBlack

03/05/2015 às 17:50  [post inicial]  Similar to Marker Felt- but not quite

14/02/2014 às 13:50  [post inicial]  Serif font- what could it be??

23/08/2013 às 16:53  [post inicial]  Old Book Cover

04/08/2013 às 16:32  [resposta]  HELP!

Uh, the bottom one is Helvetica Bold I'm pretty sure.

Fonte identificada: Helvetica

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04/08/2013 às 16:32  [resposta]  HELP!

And the top I'm not sure of. Could be substituted with Gill Sand Ultra Bold or something! Hope that helps.

Fonte sugerida: Gill Sans Ultra Bold

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07/01/2013 às 02:50  [resposta]  Anybody knows this one?

Vanilla Twilight??

18/12/2012 às 05:04  [resposta]  Anyone know this font?

Pixação, man!

03/12/2012 às 22:00  [resposta]  what is this font?? please HELP!!

Bumping for interest. Seems like a neat font.

03/12/2012 às 01:47  [resposta]  FONT

Fonte identificada: Regular Font

23/11/2012 às 17:54  [resposta]  Michelle Phan Font!


22/11/2012 às 16:37  [resposta]  which font ?

Here you go.

Fonte identificada: Lunagraph

05/11/2012 às 23:55  [resposta]  What is this font??

Oh my god! Sick.

30/10/2012 às 01:37  [resposta]  font?

aw yeah!

30/10/2012 às 01:36  [resposta]  LAVABRE CADET

Fonte identificada: Albertus

29/10/2012 às 17:57  [resposta]  any body know

haha sick!

18/10/2012 às 21:40  [resposta]  Kings of Leon

I believe the font's name is Country Garden but I can't seem to find a reliable link right now! :(

Fonte identificada: Coventry Garden

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