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Fonte sugerida: Remington Noiseless

16/04/2021 às 03:28  [post inicial]  ID script

Thanks for any suggestions. I may go with Wendy, similar enough-

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25/08/2019 às 18:25  [post inicial]  Need font ID please!

OK thanks for the link! I thought it was 'Spring script' but it didn't come up when I googled it.

09/07/2019 às 17:42  [post inicial]  Script Font- need ID please!

22/06/2019 às 02:32  [resposta]  Font!

Bromello is similar

Fonte sugerida: Bromello

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21/06/2019 às 16:49  [post inicial]  Script Font ID

Similar to Ethnocentric

Fonte sugerida: Ethnocentric

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02/04/2019 às 06:11  [resposta]  ERLON

Old School > Rosewood and Script MT

Fonte identificada: Rosewood

02/04/2019 às 06:11  [resposta]  ERLON

Fonte identificada: Script MT

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02/04/2019 às 06:02  [resposta]  Do you know this font?

General Athletic Script or Sport Script

Fonte sugerida: Sport Script

02/04/2019 às 05:51  [resposta]  Font Please

I have 'Red Sox Normal .ttf but can't find source

Fonte sugerida: Stahls Tiffany

02/04/2019 às 05:51  [resposta]  Font Please

Fonte sugerida: RedSoxNation

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It's an Old English font- outlined

Fonte sugerida: Olde English

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05/03/2019 às 19:18  [resposta]  what is

Fonte sugerida: Halimun

It looks like Berthold City Bold with customized A E W

Fonte sugerida: City Bold

Fonte identificada: Britannic Bold

02/08/2018 às 16:08  [resposta]  Mayans MC font?

Fonte sugerida: Latin

01/08/2018 às 19:37  [resposta]  Need font ID please

Thanks! That was long forgotten

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