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25/08/2020 às 02:06  [post inicial]  new font to discover

Hello. Can you identify this font? Thank you

28/06/2020 às 15:19  [resposta]  Cambridge Assessment Font?

Thank you. Indeed it was Bliss Pro by Jeremy Tankard. A super-expensive font. The first line has modified glyphs, there's no font free or commercial with those glyphs, I think those are unique to Cambridge Assessment logo. Could be awesome if someone could design a font with those glyphs. I find very similar in design with Bliss Pro, the Gill Sans font (also commercial).

Fonte sugerida: Gill Sans

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28/06/2020 às 13:32  [post inicial]  Cambridge Assessment Font?

Hello. Can you identify the font used in the Cambridge Assessment Logo (the first line, bold).Thank you

Not quite, is somehow similar relative to some letters, but much different to others. But it;s a start. thank you, @jerseygirl

17/07/2019 às 16:41  [post inicial]  What font is this?

03/01/2014 às 13:23  [post inicial]  Name this font?

I want to know what is this awesome font. Thanks

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