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14/07/2016 às 20:38  [post inicial]  please identify urgent!!

pls identify the font "ACTION HERO"

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13/07/2016 às 13:14  [post inicial]  What font is this

please identify this font for me.

23/03/2012 às 12:43  [resposta]  Podeis ayudarme?

snilow the font is Forte

Fonte identificada: Forte

23/03/2012 às 12:21  [resposta]  this font plz !!

I suggested this font becoz its not commercial.

23/03/2012 às 12:20  [resposta]  beats by dr dre

the font comes in Qero , there are Qero Nite & Qero Mite, aploz!

Fonte sugerida: Qero Mite

23/03/2012 às 12:08  [resposta]  what name this font?

The belongs to MAx Book font family, Nice font

Fonte identificada: Max Book

22/03/2012 às 13:32  [resposta]  What is this font?

Fonte identificada: Gigi

22/03/2012 às 13:08  [resposta]  What name of that font?

This url seems dead! U post it , If i can identify i will reply!

22/03/2012 às 12:55  [resposta]  this font plz !!

Fonte sugerida: Typewriter Serial Medium

22/03/2012 às 12:48  [resposta]  What name of that font?

Roman you can rotate the font, if you are using Image Editing software , i meant Corel Draw

22/03/2012 às 12:46  [resposta]  Font?

Industrial 736 ,is the font

Fonte identificada: Industrial 736

22/03/2012 às 12:24  [resposta]  What name of that font?

Just only a suggestion, If you take Arial and Increase it's outline width it will be alike.(only suggestion)

22/03/2012 às 06:31  [resposta]  Designboom typographie

Range Black semms similar

Fonte sugerida: Range Black

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