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Knockout No. 68 Full Featherweight for "Demi Lovato";

Knockout No. 27 Junior Bantamweight for "Tell Me You Love Me.

17/09/2017 às 20:43  [resposta]  Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me?

Knockout No. 68 Full Featherweight for "Demi Lovato";

Knockout No. 27 Junior Bantamweight for "Tell Me You Love Me.

31/05/2017 às 07:57  [resposta]  FIFTH HARMONY'S NEW SINGLE 'DOWN'

Other than the "D", it quite literally looks like Arial Bold. I doubt it is actually Arial but it could work if you want it for 5H graphics while we figure out the actual font. The "D" doesn't look THAT different, either.

That's for "Down", though. Not sure if it's the same on "feat. Gucci Mane"

Fonte sugerida: Arial Bold

Editado em 31/05/2017 às 07:58 por Haam_

jerseygirl disse  
Lulo Clean One Bold

wow that was quick as hell, thank you so much!

I'm sorry if the pic is too large just for that amount of text, but does anyone know the font used in the title of the artwork? Thanks!

26/02/2016 às 01:54  [resposta]  Dangerous Woman

No es una fuente. Es un pizarrón blanco, y las "N" y las "O" son diferentes.

12/08/2015 às 10:08  [resposta]  Outside Lands font

Judging by the different D's and S's, this is probably a design and not a font.

12/08/2015 às 10:07  [post inicial]  Roman Numerals.

I am planning on getting a tattoo of a very important date to me, in roman numerals, but I can't find the "perfect" font. I found this tattoo online, I know it's probably a design and not a font, but if anyone knows a font similar to it, it would be cool if you told me

12/05/2014 às 19:10  [resposta]  HELP


10/05/2014 às 17:58  [post inicial]  HELP

Hi! Does anyone know the name of this font, if it is even a font? Please.

21/03/2014 às 23:16  [resposta]  HELP

jerseygirl disse  
Futura ND Medium

Similar enough, thanks!

20/03/2014 às 19:45  [resposta]  What is this font?

Not a font :l but this one is very very similar.

Fonte sugerida: Eraser

20/03/2014 às 19:08  [post inicial]  HELP

Can someone please please tell me the name of this font asap! thanks!

01/02/2014 às 04:27  [resposta]  TFIOS Movie (not the logo)

kriskendall99 disse  
Proxima Nova


01/02/2014 às 03:57  [post inicial]  TFIOS Movie (not the logo)

I'd love to know the font of "ONE SICK LOVE STORY", not the movie title, pleaseee

31/01/2014 às 09:08  [resposta]  Onerepublic

drf disse  
Similar, maybe an old version?

Fountain Pen Frenzy

Omg you saved my life lol thank you so much

Looks more like a design to me

19/01/2014 às 22:39  [resposta]  TFIUS FONT? :) help me please!

The A in "Fault" and the A in "Stars" are different, so maybe this is not a font :/

Except for the apostrophe, this one looks pretty much identical

Fonte identificada: Tall Films

13/01/2014 às 08:41  [post inicial]  Onerepublic

I'd love to know what font is used in "Dreaming Out Loud" please

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