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29/11/2012 às 12:17  [post inicial]  World of Warcraft text font

Nothing to add, I'd be thankful if you helped (:

17/12/2011 às 17:41  [post inicial]  Text

I'm not quite sure what font it is-I guess it's a simple one, and I'm desperate to get it, or find it on my computer :]

17/12/2011 às 17:40  [resposta]  ZARA label

Or, if you don't know that font, cpuld yuo possibly give me the name of a simmilar one?

17/12/2011 às 17:34  [post inicial]  ZARA label

I got a ZARA T-shirt lately, and I saw a label saying BASIC B-the text was grey on a white background. If you know what I mean, I'm looking for this font
If not, I think that the picture has the same font as the one on the white label.

Here is the second image, as I cannot attatch two:

16/08/2011 às 18:14  [resposta]  Pixel?

So I guess it's just made pixel :]

17/07/2011 às 17:28  [post inicial]  Pixel?

I've seen many simmilar to this pixel fonts, and my question is: Is it a font, or did someone write it? If it's a font, where can I find this kind of fonts? I've been looking for them quite a long time and found nothing.

28/06/2011 às 12:58  [resposta]  Curly font

Thank you :]

28/06/2011 às 12:45  [post inicial]  Curly font

I'm looking for that font for ages and still cannot find it. What is the name of it?
I've only found one sample of it, sorry.

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