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I'm a fan of Howard Pinsky's stuff too. Looks like Helvetica Ultra Light and not sure what weight of Helvetica the bolder one is. But I might be wrong, you can ask him on his Google+ community:

Fonte sugerida: Helvetica

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It's not League Gothic but it's very similar.

Fonte sugerida: League Gothic

This might be custom so if you don't know it thats fine but if you know of any similar fonts please let me know!

04/12/2011 às 23:12  [resposta]  Rounded Bold Font

rocamaco disse  
Eurostile Ext2 Bold

Thank you! Seems to be exactly the right font.

04/12/2011 às 23:09  [resposta]  font ?

A similar font would be Strangelove Text, but I 100% agree with cookiesncream on "Skinny".

04/12/2011 às 23:08  [post inicial]  Rounded Bold Font

I'm looking for this font or something similar, doesn't need to be the exact font. Thanks!

21/11/2011 às 22:14  [post inicial]  Mtn Dew Voltage Font

Anyone know it? Thanks!

31/08/2011 às 00:11  [resposta]  MindMeister Font

Wow, I didn't expect to get a response from a person from MindMeister, thanks!

30/08/2011 às 04:24  [post inicial]  MindMeister Font

Anyone know this rounded font or something very similar?

26/08/2011 às 21:17  [resposta]  Handwriting Font

Wow that was fast! Thanks!

26/08/2011 às 21:16  [post inicial]  Handwriting Font

Ayyone know this font or something similar?

19/12/2010 às 02:12  [post inicial]  Chipotle's New Advertising Font

Anyone know? I know that the one they used before they started using this one was call "Confidential".

Editado em 19/12/2010 às 10:34 por Rodolphe

It's Helvetica Ultra Light all the way!

Fonte sugerida: Helvetica Ultra Light  (Já sugerida aqui)

14/11/2010 às 18:50  [resposta]  uhaul font

Perhaps it's Orbitron.

Fonte sugerida: Orbitron

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