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I just recently changed my licensing to make it even simpler now haha.
I charge $20.00 across the board for Unlimited royalty free use of any of my fonts for commercial businesses.
I only accept payment via Paypal or Postal Money Order so you don't have to worry about bad checks and whatnot.
Just add a note in your info file with your font letting people know how you wish to sell it.
best regards,

06/05/2010 às 06:12  [resposta]  Sites Redistributing daFont Fonts

I definitely agree metaphasebrothel...I get emails all the time asking to use my fonts for various things, most of the time it falls under personal use so I just thank them for letting me know about how it's being used and wish them luck.
My licensing is simple..if it's just for a super small project I don't care,I've donated the use of my fonts to a bunch of bands I liked and other people like for charities and such, If a business is planning on selling a lot of items using one then a small license fee shouldn't be a problem.
I made my licenses real easy..anything up to 1000 units or for a small commercial web site it's $5.00,up to 5000 units it's $10.00, and for a unlimited unit license it's $25.00. For OEM packages and other such uses that fall outside of a general license it would have to be worked out with the company on how they plan to use it.
I'm not looking to get rich off fonts, it's just a hobby I enjoy. Pretty much all the money i've made from it I've used to buy my software haha.
and those crazy contracts give me a headache haha!
best regards

06/05/2010 às 05:05  [resposta]  Sites Redistributing daFont Fonts

Oh I know bro..I already took care of that one haha!
I was just letting others know they are doing that.

06/05/2010 às 02:11  [resposta]  Sites Redistributing daFont Fonts

Something I noticed along the same lines quite by accident by typing some of my font names into google image search, was a group of embroidery web sites selling converted patterns of some of my freeware fonts for up to $9.99.
Basically they take your font and convert it into their required data so they can use it on embroidery machines and the like.
None of them have ever asked my permission to do so, and they insisted they had the right to do so! haha!
needless to say that is why I added a lengthy clause into my EULA forbidding it in the future without my written consent or a licensing agreement stating they bought the rights to do so.
If you make popular display fonts check ebay and google for people using your fonts, i'm sure some of yas will be surprised as I was! haha.
best regards
Larry Yerkes

06/05/2010 às 01:47  [resposta]  What makes a font popular?

Indeed! haha!
I'd say timing and trends are the two most important factors in a fonts popularity with the masses.
Until recently, Most of the fonts I'm most proud of making and put the most time and care into, are no where near the most downloaded! haha.
best regards
Larry E Yerkes

17/04/2010 às 15:27  [resposta]  Embroidery Font Forum

Hello nevi,
As far as software goes, I'd recommend typetool from is their bare bones model font editor but still has some nice features I like about fontlab.
If you are going to get serious about making fonts or plan on selling them I would highly recommend you save your money up and just buy the fontlab package.
Just for the ability to copy and paste from adobe illustrator to and from fontlab it was worth it to me alone.

Concerning the embroidery stitch patterns you all create from freeware fonts, I recomend you always contact the owner of the font copyright to find out if they allow it.
I recently had issues with people selling reconverted font data of one of my freeware fonts.
as such I added a clause to my licensing agreement for all my new fonts making it perfectly clear I do not allow resale of my fonts converted into any other formats without buying the licensing rights to do so.
Rather than selling items they created with my font which would have been perfectly fine for the licensing of that font, they were selling my font converted into another format,which was not allowed.

Best regards,
Larry E. Yerkes - aka. WolfBainX

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