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Im sorry guys but i found something else - i have to share it with somebody...

Whats the issue here? In short -
This blog has copied my blogs content, in it's ENTIRITY- EXACTLY and in sequential order...

They flatter me - but it still pisses me off to be honest.

I like what I do or else I wouldn't do it, and I do try to make my simple FontCreator fonts the best that I can, as well as all my other creations, but I am surprised to see how often *someone else* thinks it is good enough to steal, plagarize or otherwise ride coattail of.

And again I am sorry. I am not looking for these things... As a matter of fact at this point I really hope I dont stumble onto them, "it cannot be helped."

Sigh. Ty. I had to get that out. 😒

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What can I do about this?

I don't get it. There are two types of people in this world, people that have a backbone and people that are spineless. There is no inbetween.

In general I don't sweat the petty, but I don't understand this... The thinking or lackthereof that goes into doing this sort of thing... Do they really think they are providing a service? I can't imagine so...

Can anyone help me with this? Putting a stop to it that is, and how to go about it?

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12/10/2016 às 15:19  [resposta]  WHAT IS FONT, PLEASE?

Looks like Georgia bold italic...

Fonte identificada: Georgia

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Fonte sugerida: Marketing Script  (Já sugerida aqui)

20/09/2016 às 22:14  [resposta]  Log in username change?

Thank you koeiekat, I agree and have requested a new log in username relayed to my username. Ty very much. 😀

17/09/2016 às 08:57  [resposta]  Font? Please

Your very welcome I think I found that top font too

Fonte identificada: Dekar

17/09/2016 às 05:17  [resposta]  Log in username change?

Thank you.

Font Freak was already taken jk :P

The Nymphont identity took on a life of it's own so to speak, but I can live with it I think. I have taken to changing the spelling and emphasizing a different connotation with capitization, (or attempting to!) by using NymFont, instead of Nymphont these days. :P

Anywho... Pseudonympho... I never intended to go by... Just something I *thought* was clever at the time when I signed up for an account on dafont.

... Not that you asked for all that info, lol. Thank you for your help. I was hoping I wouldnt have to bug him, but I will contact the webmaster and ask.

17/09/2016 às 02:19  [resposta]  Fear of God

Fonte identificada: Futura

16/09/2016 às 23:44  [post inicial]  Log in username change?


Does anyone know if it's possible to change your log in username, and if so how would one go about it? Nymphont is one thing... but PseudoNympho... is another ... I chose it eight years ago... I would like to change it to my real name, Lauren Thompson, Nymphont, or NymFont, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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16/09/2016 às 23:24  [resposta]  what is that font?

Fonte identificada: Rufa

Fonte identificada: American Typewriter

15/09/2016 às 22:29  [resposta]  Font? Please

The font used for the text on the bottom right (in the green bar) is Zag Regular...havent been able to identify the font used on the other text yet... Sorry.

Fonte identificada: Zag

Fonte sugerida: Murphy Script

31/08/2016 às 15:25  [resposta]  Font help!

"trade" is Lato Light
& "magazine" is Lato Light Italic

Fonte identificada: Lato

27/08/2016 às 17:34  [resposta]  Tumblr quotes

Fonte identificada: Georgia Italic

24/08/2016 às 14:38  [resposta]  Just wondering... Is this okay?


Nope that was not the site, I was referring to, but it is just like it!

Maelle, Toto, fonatica, thank you for your replies.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Any ideas on what actions to be taken if any ?

24/08/2016 às 02:51  [resposta]  what font is this?

Fonte identificada: Husky Stash

23/08/2016 às 19:42  [resposta]  Font

Fonte identificada: Lobster

23/08/2016 às 19:41  [resposta]  Font

Fonte identificada: Loki Cola

23/08/2016 às 17:58  [post inicial]  Just wondering... Is this okay?

I stumbled upon a blog that posts fonts for android that visitors can purchase for $2.50. But the thing is, the author of the blog is not the author of the fonts... Is this sort of thing okay, or? Idk...

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