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28/11/2021 às 05:46  [post inicial]  Day of the Dead TV Show Logo Font

For a project I'm looking for this font as seen in the TV show "Day of the Dead". Thanks in advance for your answers.

25/01/2020 às 17:40  [post inicial]  Constitution Class Vessel

Hi guys,
I'm looking for this font seen in the logo.

Thanks in advance

25/04/2019 às 16:10  [resposta]  NOW HIRING FOR 2417!


14/04/2019 às 08:53  [post inicial]  NOW HIRING FOR 2417!

Hello, I am looking for the fonts from NOW HIRING FOR 2417! Thanks in advance.

16/03/2019 às 06:59  [resposta]  The Orville Planetary Union font

For my graphic I used Media Gothic. But I'm not sure if this is the authentic one.

Fonte identificada: Media Gothic

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13/03/2019 às 16:49  [post inicial]  The Fall Guy Font

Hello everybody, I'm looking for the font from the title of the TV show The Fall Guy. Thanks in advance.

IMHO the font which comes closest is Compacta BT.

Fonte sugerida: Compacta

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06/08/2017 às 09:36  [post inicial]  Space - Above and Beyond Tellus Logo

Hello, I'm looking for the font saying Aero-Tech Colony. and whatfontis where no success. This graphic is taken from the SF TV show Space - Above and beyond from the mid 1990s.
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Sneggleblech, I posted the original picture here: [message deleted due to image enlargement]

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26/11/2016 às 07:30  [resposta]  Please help me what font is

Fonte sugerida: Alternate Gothic

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20/11/2016 às 14:23  [resposta]  Font name please

More Century Gothic.

Fonte sugerida: Century Gothic

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The original file was white on dark blue. I altered it to make it suitable for WhattheFont, but without success. The font reminds me of Tahoma but the S is different. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.

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