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16/07/2010 às 09:18  [resposta]  Cahier de vacances

Génial, super idée cadeau !

You can vectorize the text.

01/04/2010 às 12:30  [resposta]  what kind of Font is this?

Make me think of a freestyle exercise of a "tatooist", to much differences between the letters (e.g. "a")

31/03/2010 às 14:07  [resposta]  Monte Carlo

Maybe because it has been redrawn.

The letter "e" is very typical and hasn't been found in the fonts suggested.

Effectivement, pas d'indication sur cette fonte. Essaie tout de même de contacter l'auteur pour lui poser la question.

Fonte identificada: Herencia

29/03/2010 às 09:58  [resposta]  need to find a character

Yes it does exist but, can't remember when. I've seen this in old school script fonts such as Letterhead's Font.

26/03/2010 às 09:13  [resposta]  purchased font

Do you mean the Cabernet fonts from MyFonts ?

25/03/2010 às 09:09  [resposta]  Félicitation pour le forum

Youkaïdi !

24/03/2010 às 09:04  [resposta]  Dirty Dancing

For this kind of script fonts, you'll find happiness at Sudtipos :

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