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25/09/2012 às 04:07

What is the font called that was used to type out TONIGHT? Can I get some help please?


Fonte identificada

Diamante  Sugerida por fmontpetit 

25/09/2012 às 04:50

Fonte identificada: Diamante

25/09/2012 às 04:52

That's pretty incredible, fontmonpetit. Every time you're not around, were struggling with identification. When you come, WOW! All solved.

25/09/2012 às 05:04

Thanks, but I wouldn't say people are struggling with anything here. In fact, I'd say that I'm rather impressed and truly amazed at the knowledge we got around here.

Editado em 25/09/2012 às 05:09 por fmontpetit

25/09/2012 às 05:08

Thank You, Again!

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