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Font in this Background

24/06/2012 às 09:26

Hey guys im srry to bother you but ive been asking everyone and no one knows what this font is could u guys plzz help me find it thanks

- Jose

Font in this Background

Fontes sugeridas

Nasalization  Sugerida por frd 
Devil Breeze  Sugerida por Me7GFx 

24/06/2012 às 12:09

Fonte sugerida: Devil Breeze

24/06/2012 às 13:25

More like Nasalization for a start.
Fonte sugerida: Nasalization

25/06/2012 às 00:47

Me7GFx disse  

Devil Breeze

Not Customized the guy who made said it was a font

25/06/2012 às 09:41

Clearly not a font, but a custom work based on a font

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