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What is the font in this edit?

07/06/2020 às 14:20

I really want to make my own version of it but can't find the font the words 'poem' and 'read' are in. Somebody who made their own parody edit said they thought the font had the word 'paint' as its first word but she couldn't remember anything else. Thanks in advance.

What is the font in this edit?

Editado em 07/06/2020 às 14:21 por throwawayaccount2020

Fontes identificadas

Black Bruno  Sugerida por fmontpetit 
Single Fighter  Sugerida por fmontpetit 

07/06/2020 às 14:30

Fonte identificada: Black Bruno

07/06/2020 às 14:31

Fonte identificada: Single Fighter

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