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Metamorphosis font??? what is the name please??

24/05/2020 às 22:37

hey guys,im looking for this font name written on "METAMORPHOSIS"
what is the name pls??? this dumb artwork creator didn't put anywhere which font he used to create this logo ¬¬

I bet it's heavily customized,but maybe if someone can identify this text font used in the other images we will know wich text font this custom logo "Metamorphosis" came from...
SORRY FOR SOME IMAGES QUALITY,but this the best i have :x

any suggestion guys?? i'll be very grateful (:

Metamorphosis font??? what is the name please??

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Fonte identificada

Yeysk  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

30/05/2020 às 23:04

help me pls T.T

30/05/2020 às 23:15

Fonte identificada: Yeysk

31/05/2020 às 02:06

jerseygirl disse  

ooohh thank you angel,god bless you :3
daamm girl,you hit in the bull's eye hahahahahaha

downloading here right now o/

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