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WorldWide Font Project (WWFP)

19/04/2010 às 17:40

I´m a graphic design student from germany. my fonts

Let us started a worldwide font project.
A-Z (26letters)
a-z (26letters)
0-9 (10letters)
special character (47letters)
109 letters

so, we need 109 users from dafont.
each user create 1 letter.

109 different letters = 1 font

post here your name and your letter.

eM-Vii = Letter "A"

19/04/2010 às 19:07

good idea for a comunity project
who has the distribution rights if someone wants it to be a commercial font later on?

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19/04/2010 às 19:43

lol, if the project includes the letter you did, you get a % every time that letter is used in the project. the money is in designing R, S, T, L, N, or E preferably lowercase right?

20/04/2010 às 00:58

kirk : depends on your language

20/04/2010 às 01:54

Here's a C from a font I was working on a couple of years ago, and which I'll probably never finish:

but it's probably way too big and complex for this project.

to display images:
type IMG inside square brackets, ([ and]), followed by the internet address/url of the picture, (ie: http://...), followed by /IMG in the square brackets, without any spaces between the [IMG] tags and the url.

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20/04/2010 às 11:34

img works as fine as IMG

20/04/2010 às 11:41

my suggestion
license for the font its PERSONAL USE

later we can switch the license at FREE

20/04/2010 às 11:55

that's sound good! in that case, we should release it under creative commons license letting everybody use it for free.
So, how do we do this? do we start from a based style or evrybody put his touch?

20/04/2010 às 15:39

for worldwide project - everybody make his own style of letter

20/04/2010 às 15:50

Sethan = Letter "S" please.
I am in Shrewsbury in the UK.
Fantastic idea - love it.
What's the deadline?

20/04/2010 às 17:14

Vinz > a
that's cool, i've just drawn some stuffs, and i've got a "a" for you

24/04/2010 às 23:08

When I read Worldwide Font Project, I thought somewhat very different: A font, that cover every language worldwide, where one made the latin section, another one followed the design with a cyrillioc section or greek, than another one add arabic or hebew, maybe the next will add a indian glyphset and so on, but not only a font, that will have every single glyph in a different style. That looks a litte likt the box with the "Blindfische" in lead-typesetting times, wher all wrong types where collected. So I suggest the name "blind-fish" for that kind of font. But when i have to ad one glyph, collect one out of my fonts, if you like...

26/04/2010 às 07:32

Max Kisman of Holland Fonts did a similar project in 2003, called Frisco Remix. The terms of the license do not allow me to redisribute the font, but you can get it here:

The read me and .pdf can also be downloaded from that page. If I recall correctly, there was some problem with the Windows version. I couldn't open it in preview, but I could open it with Studio5 and generate an .otf version for myself. I think the archive is in .hqx format, rather than .zip or .rar.

26/04/2010 às 11:27

Thanks for that link, meta, I love the A's and the lower case g. Looks like each designer has done both upper and lower case of a letter, which may not be a bad idea as there doesn't seem to be 109 users worth of interest here!

07/05/2010 às 12:37

Hey there, that's a great idea. I'd like to create a 5, as the A's are already taken

07/05/2010 às 16:08

So ? i've got a "a" ready to go ?

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