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Need help with these 2 fonts

12/04/2018 às 15:48

Please let me know what fonts have been used in this logo
many thanks

Need help with these 2 fonts

Fontes identificadas

Libel Suit  Sugerida por Twentyoneg 
Coneria Script  Sugerida por Twentyoneg 

Fonte sugerida

Impasto  Sugerida por Twentyoneg 

12/04/2018 às 16:33

Fonte identificada: Libel Suit

12/04/2018 às 16:34

Fonte identificada: Coneria Script

Usuário excluído 841236
12/04/2018 às 16:39

Twentyoneg disse  
Libel Suit

In my opinion the exact font is not the letter B has a different internal opening

12/04/2018 às 16:44

Could be Impasto Condensed.
Fonte sugerida: Impasto

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12/04/2018 às 16:49

Twentyoneg disse  
Could be Impasto Condensed.


On the IMPASTO Font I agree

12/04/2018 às 17:06

My greatest appreciation for all your help.

12/04/2018 às 18:23

It's Libel Suit. Even has the same bad letter spacing.

13/04/2018 às 09:24

It's an old version. I edited the link to the correct one.

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