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What font is this

12/04/2017 às 04:28

please help

What font is this

Fontes sugeridas

Bordeaux Roman  Sugerida por donshottype 
Ambroise Firmin  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

12/04/2017 às 20:54

Compare to Bordeaux Roman with width compressed to 75%

Close, but not identical.
Fonte sugerida: Bordeaux Roman

12/04/2017 às 21:15

extended vertically by about 200%
Fonte sugerida: Ambroise Firmin

13/04/2017 às 08:23

Compare to Ambroise Firmin Demi with width compressed to 36%

This is closer, but still lacks the tone of the letters in_SHOOTERS_

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