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19/08/2016 às 03:12

Hey y'all!

I'm in dire need of some assistance. I'm trying to make some promotional items for this business and have absolutely nothing but this photo to work with. I need help finding all these fonts please!

I have tried Bodoni and Didot for the "LOCK SMITH" font but neither of them are quite right.

Please help!


Fontes identificadas

Benguiat  Sugerida por jerseygirl 
Bodoni Seventy-Two Bold  Sugerida por jerseygirl 
Novarese  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

19/08/2016 às 04:22

Fonte identificada: Benguiat

19/08/2016 às 04:24

Fonte identificada: Bodoni Seventy-Two Bold

19/08/2016 às 04:27

Bold + Bold Italic
Fonte identificada: Novarese

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