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What are the 3 fonts in this image

13/05/2016 às 03:31

I want to know what the 3 fonts in this image are?

I think the first one (Laundry)is Avalanche Script. However I am not sure. Can someone help me ?

What are the 3 fonts in this image

Fonte identificada

Albermarle  Sugerida por fonatica 

13/05/2016 às 03:48

You're right. Laundry looks like Avalanche Script

Editado em 13/05/2016 às 03:48 por fonatica

13/05/2016 às 03:50

Fonte identificada: Albermarle

13/05/2016 às 03:51

What about the second one ? the one that says Sort Wash Dry Fold Iron

and the Third one ? Tomorrow, Later, Someday, Maybe and get real

13/05/2016 às 04:12

Thank you so much fonatica. I really appreciate your help.

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