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Help please

09/09/2015 às 23:01

anyone know which this one is?.

Help please

Fontes sugeridas

Ravenscroft  Sugerida por fonatica 
Rubens  Sugerida por donshottype 
Haunted Mouse  Sugerida por KItaleBoy 

09/09/2015 às 23:13

Fonte sugerida: Haunted Mouse

09/09/2015 às 23:36

Fonte sugerida: Ravenscroft

09/09/2015 às 23:48

Agree it is Ravenscroft. Note that the _n_ is edited to match _m_
The Disney sign-makers derived their design from a 19th century font called Rubens.
Compare Ravenscroft to Rubens as shown at
Rubens has the drop leg _n_ but is wider than _American Mafia_
Fonte sugerida: Rubens

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