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need help finding this garage font

13/06/2015 às 15:48

any ideas??

need help finding this garage font

Fonte sugerida

Kabel Book  Sugerida por conman1985 

Usuário excluído 841236
23/06/2015 às 19:49

Fonte sugerida: Quadrat Grotesk New Bold
  (This is not the requested font)

25/06/2015 às 15:30

thank you for the suggestion but as the title says its the "Garage" font im looking for.

10/07/2015 às 14:32

Any chance you could post a better photo? Preferably one with the masking tape removed from the face of it.

10/07/2015 às 16:18

unfortunately that is the only good quality photo i can find on google. here is another one but i dont think its as clear as the one above.


15/10/2015 às 17:49

bump! still looking guys

16/10/2015 às 16:47

Based on Kabel possibly?
Fonte sugerida: Kabel Book

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