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what is this nice font ?

29/03/2015 às 19:52

connaissez vous cette police ?
do you know this font ?

what is this nice font ?

Fonte identificada

Velocette  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

29/03/2015 às 20:06

Fonte identificada: Velocette

29/03/2015 às 20:18

Thanks a lot ! You make me save a lot of Time and energy , i was exhaustif to Check Internet looping for that unsucessfully ; ) Many thanks really !

29/03/2015 às 20:50

jerseygirl disse  

Beautyfull font

29/03/2015 às 20:58

Actually I designed this logo few years ago and I lost the font when I changed my computer ! Yes it is a nice font especially the S and even better with outlines. ; )

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