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help ?

27/04/2013 às 04:15

i would love know name of font thanks for helping

help ?

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Fonte identificada

Candy Store BV  Sugerida por rocamaco 

27/04/2013 às 12:39

27/04/2013 às 16:18

mijababyy, first and last warning, wait at least 24h to bump your topic. Next time, you're banned.

27/04/2013 às 16:21

And don't spam the private message system with repeated requests for our attention. This is a forum, not a service, so try a little courtesy and patience.

27/04/2013 às 16:21

i didn't know about that thanks!

27/04/2013 às 16:31

... and ... never ever shout

27/04/2013 às 16:33

oops! didnt know i sent you another message thought i sent you one my bad Pilaster ! and umm..??ok Koeiekat

29/04/2013 às 17:31

Fonte identificada: Candy Store BV

29/04/2013 às 17:36

thank u so much u been so helpful and kind to me is there anything i can do u fo u in return ?

29/04/2013 às 17:40

Just be happy and have fun...

29/04/2013 às 18:20

oh i am thanks again.

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