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torvar  23/01/2014
great font but only bottom half of circles show
wiccked  autor de WS Simple Gallifreyan   24/02/2014
I've never heard of that happening before - can you give me an example of where this is happening please?
Grand-moogi  31/08/2014
Hi, I would like to digitise this so it can be embroidered on a sewing machine. Is that OK? My daughter wants to have the word Baby embroidered on a little item of clothing for a friend's baby.
appledash  15/09/2014
I love doctor who so this was absolutely amazing to fine omg thank so much
PiratePrincess217  27/12/2014
Hi! I also LOVE your font!! I would also like permission to digitize names created with it (if I can figure out how) to embroider onto blankets or wall hangings to give as gifts. Please let me know if that would be all right to do. And thanks for your willingness to share your creativity with us!
EmilyAndTheDiamonds  02/06/2015
Hi and I'm really sorry if I'm being a bit dim here but I think the font is really good but how do you use it? (I've downloaded it but nothing I try seems to work ._. )
wiccked  autor de WS Simple Gallifreyan   04/08/2015
Hi Emily, you just install it like any other font, and use it in whichever application you want to.
Manaydukers  19/04/2017
Does this work on Google Docs? I pressed download and it's not there. Could you help a friend out?

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