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Urban Elegance

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TamaraCreative  06/01/2014
I love this font! I was interested in using it for my logo. Can I? Would for sure donate. I don't know how licensing works because I just started out.
tipografialeone  autor de Urban Elegance   06/01/2014
Thank you so much for the compliments on our work ... there are no problems, I authorize you to use the font for commercial purposes and also add that we are honored to interest your logo. And thank you very much for a possible donation. Thank you very much!
Fabcos71  26/03/2014
Salve; trovo questo font perfetto per un mio lavoro (un volantino con dei materiali collegati). Oltre a farvi i complimenti volevo chiedervi se c'è bisogno di acquistarlo per utilizzarlo o se posso rifarmi alla risposta precedente.
tipografialeone  autor de Urban Elegance   01/04/2014
Grazie mille per aver comunque chiesto l'autorizzazione all'utilizzo a scopi commerciali, utilizzi tranquillamente il font.
Saga67  06/12/2014

it's sad that the copyright symbol is not available in this font.
Is it possible that you upgrade it with the missing symbols ?
danielryanphoto  21/01/2015

I really like this font, would you accept a donation for me to use it as part of a logo for a home business?



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