The Goldsmith Vintage

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Branded Quotes  30/11/2015
nice one mate!
burntilldead  autor de The Goldsmith Vintage   08/12/2015
Thanks Branded, i hope to see your stuff around with The Goldsmith font.
lecasm2  28/11/2016
Good stuff! Donated and used in my short film Jester.

Thanks a bunch!
Lifua  28/04/2019
love it, thank for make it fre for commercial use, i will donate some money as a thanks
JenniLaine  27/05/2020
Love the font. Can anyone recommend a good ampersand font to accompany this?
Emma2016  30/06/2020
Hi thank you for this, can you confirm if it’s free for commercial use? If not can you let me know the license fee?

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