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cdlm  18/03/2009
I like it, clean and stylish!
CCxTheClown  20/03/2009
do u have ones that r more cooler 2 draw...i like it 2....very formal and neat
ideoma  22/03/2009
very well designed, very professional I hope someday to achieve that!
eddiegiese  07/05/2009
great font! I love the lower-case "a" especially
michiel_terpelle  28/04/2010
Great update. I like the round effect on the edges and the new lowercase 'g'. Is there anywhere more information about this font?
sauce  autor de Surface   30/04/2010
Thank you! @michiel_terpelle What information are you looking for?
michiel_terpelle  10/05/2010
Well, what are the best purposes to use it for? Will it be a family again?
sauce  autor de Surface   12/05/2010
@michiel_terpelle This is a display font so think advertising, headlines. I’m working on the family, not sure when this is finished but donation would certainly make things go faster.

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