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Strawberry Whipped Cream

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bpair  04/11/2018
Super cute font! Just a heads up, though - it says 100% free. My understanding is that 100% means it is free for both personal and commercial use - correct me if I am wrong. However, when downloaded the author has attached a note stating that is free for personal use only. Just a note... I am new to Dafont and am now warier of the 100% free fonts since the is the 2nd I've found that isn't actually 100% free.
penelopelime  autor de Strawberry Whipped Cream   17/11/2018
100% free is free for commercial use within my Standard Commercial Desktop License. It is not a 100% free public domain or creative commons license.
Definitely always check with the designer for their individual license. We only have a few choices to choose from when we post a font.

NoobCitySponge  12/03/2019
Hello I was thinking about using this font for a logo not completely sure yet however I also can't seem to find the thing to buy it as well but I have no idea where to find it I looked for it however couldn't seem to find it. I don't think ill make any money off of it anyway but I really would like to keep this font for future use too.
KMarieArtDesign  07/04/2021
I was going to use this font for a logo but then noticed the note about not commercial use. I was pretty annoyed since its labeled 100% free which is supposed to mean its safe for Personal AND Commercial. But now I can't risk using it for my client. If this is not intended for Commercial use the label needs to change please.
mwatersupci  08/05/2021
KMarieArtDesign Just use it, if they want to sue you, a judge would throw it out in a sec. just screenshot where you found it and the confusion of the product alone will cause the judge to laugh at them. 100% free means you've purchased it as soon as you've downloaded it regardless of what their TOS says. Countersueing for false advertisement would bankrupt this website. They have no incentive to enforce this and all the incentive to correct their modal and tos.

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