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Chloe5972  15/01/2018
This font is cute!
sbhanks  17/01/2018
How do I access the different versions of each letter?
StereoType  autor de Strawberry Blossom   18/01/2018
Hello and thanks for your comments.
All the extra glyphs are available in the complete version. You can get it on my website.
Marcelle78  22/01/2018
Hi! love this font and want to use it for my birthday invite but I can't seem to type numbers?
StereoType  autor de Strawberry Blossom   23/01/2018
Hi Marcelle, all the numbers are available in the commercial version.
Allie Pal  24/01/2018
Is this font compatible with MAC? I have installed it and it shows up in my Font Book but not in Word.
tarcotti  25/01/2018
Link to commercial version?
haleybaley  04/02/2018
What font is the words "Flourishing Script Font"? I love the 2 paired together!
StereoType  autor de Strawberry Blossom   05/02/2018
It's called Strawberry Flowers and it's included in the zip file when you purchase a commercial license.
pangkiki  09/02/2018
thanks a lot
kiarie  10/02/2018
This awesome and easy to use in my website pages
Glenda_S_  25/02/2018
I like this one but its not simillar then what you show here :(
StereoType  autor de Strawberry Blossom   26/02/2018
If you want to get all the extra curly letters, you'll need to purchase the full commercial version.

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