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Ashley Bynes  15/06/2008
Hey, isn't that the font used for "The Replacements" show on Family/Disney channel??

Area52  05/12/2008
Ashley Bynes:

No, it isn't. It has the same concept thingy, but this font has been out longer, and The Replacements's font is goofier.
Pauchi31  31/01/2012
Awww, thanks!
imekas  07/09/2012
I was looking for something like that :)
King_Kut  11/06/2013
magnus30  07/05/2014
can you help me with a text ?
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
great font..thank you so much
YeeYee21  17/06/2019
I'm going to use this way too many times.Thanks,whoever made this
nickstarr  15/05/2020
Hello can i use this font for commercial use ? great work btw.
please contact me with confirmation letter. thanks
typodermic  autor de Stereofidelic   16/05/2020
Thank you. It's free for commercial use; details are included with the font. More info here:
Miomi_3  23/11/2020
All occupy them in animated memes
lobita199  06/04/2021
esta muy hermosa esa letra
typodermic  autor de Stereofidelic   16/04/2021
¡Muchas gracias!
nice font

aishafaisalahmed  07/07/2022
I love this font!
But can someone help me download it it’s not working on my iPad..
typodermic  autor de Stereofidelic   07/07/2022
You can't install custom fonts on an iPad. At least not ones that you download from a web site.
typodermic  autor de Stereofidelic   07/07/2022
And thank you!
Rulis  01/12/2022
I have the same question. Is it free for commercial use?
Please let me know. Thank you.
typodermic  autor de Stereofidelic   02/12/2022
Yes, it's free for commercial use; details are included with the font.

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